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Sumptuous Starters

The Freshest Ingredients

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Tandoori King Prawns £ 7.95

Smoked Chilli & Ginger Marinade, Chilli Coriander Butter

Grilled Scallops in Lime and Coriander £ 8.95

Samphire Potato Pakora, Mango Chilli Marmalade

Catch of the Day from Hythe Bay £ 6.75

Steamed in Banana Leaf Parcel , Dill Cucumber Raitha

Fried Calamari £ 6.95

Lemon Juice ,Cracked Pink Pepper Marinade,Chickpea Beer Batter , Tomato Garlic Chutney

Free Range Chicken Tikka Trio £ 6.50

(Smoked Chilly), (Roasted Garlic & Cream Cheese), (Green Herb Puree) Dressed Salad & Chutney

Tandoori Smoked Wood Pigeon Breast£ 6.75

Spiced Chery Chutney, Caramelized Ginger

Lamb And Scallion Seekh Kebab £ 5.50

Minced Marsh Lamb, Spring Onion, Ground Spices & Pomegranate Mint Chutney

Crisp Soft Shell Crab £ 8.95

Caramelized Ginger and Pickling Spices, Rice Flake Crust, Smoked Chilli Garlic Dip


All dishes cooked fresh to order

Ask about any allergens…

Lamb and Mint Samosa £ 5.75

Short Crust Pastry filled with Spiced Minced Lamb, Potato Mash, Peas, Tamarind

Spice Mix £ 7.25

Selection Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab & Red Onion Bhajji with Chutneys & Salad

Hythe Bay Catch £ 7.95

Tandoori King Prawn, Calamari Pakora, Crisp Fried Whitebait with Chutneys & Salad

Vegetable Mix (v) £ 6.50

Selection Of Samosa, Goat Cheese Tikki, Red Onion Bhajji with Chutneys & Salad

Samosa (v ) £ 5.30

Duo Of Samosa Filled with Tempered Beetroot, Potato & Peas with Mint & Tamarind Chutney

Herby Goat Cheese and Spinach Tikki (v) £ 5.75

Fried Ellie’sGoat Cheese from Canterbury, Baby Spinach, Chickpea Mash Cake, Mint Chutney

Red Onion Bhaji’s (v) £ 3.60

Crisp Fried Red Onion in Chickpea Flour & Spices

Pappadoms with Home Made Chutneys & Pickle £ 0.90

Time for the Main Plates…

Delicious meat, fish and vegetable dishes packed full of flavour, making sure there is something to suit every palette…


The Freshest Ingredients

Ask about any allergens…

Kerala Fish Curry £ 9.95

Catch Of The Day From Hythe Bay In A Creamy Coconut Curry Leaf And Cocom( Sun-dried Tangy Fruit) Sauce

King Prawn Mambazha* Puliserry £ 12.95

Saute King Prawns, Ripe Mango*, Yoghurt, Coconut Sauce, Tempered with Curry Leaf & Mustard Seeds

Chicken Tikka Makhani £ 8.95

Free Range Chicken Tikka In A Rich Creamy Onion And Tomato Sauce Enhanced With Dried Fenugreek Leaves

Chicken Jal Frezi £ 8.95

Stir-fried Free Range Chicken With Coloured Bell Peppers And Crushed Roasted Spices & Toddy Vinegar

Gressingham Duck Leg Ajadina £ 9.95

Spiced Confit of Duck Leg in a Thick Red Chilli, Garlic & Tamarind Sauce.

Chicken Apricot Khorma £ 9.95

Free Range Chicken , Apricot Puree, Melon Seed, Cashwenut Cream Sauce Roasted Aromatic Spices

Chatti Beef £ 10.95

Slow Cooked Hereford Beef In Clay Pot With Onion , Black Pepper And Curry Leaf & Malabar Spices


Mysore Masala Dosa (v) £ 6.99

Crisp Savoury Rice And Lentil Pancake Filled With Mustard And Cumin Tempered Potato Mash, Coconut Chutney, Sambar (a Lentil And Vegetable Stew) Choice Of Filling

Lamb £ 8.99

£ 7.99

£ 9.99

Appam Stew £ 6.99

Lacy Rice & Coconut Pancake With Vegetable Stew Simmered With Creamy Coconut Milk, Ginger & Green Chilli Choice Of Stews

Lamb £ 8.99

£ 7.99

£ 9.99


Naan £ 2.50

Stuffed Naan £ 3.50

Peshawari, Sun-dried Tomato And Coriander, Smoked Chilli & Cheese, Kheema, Garlic Tomato, Mushroom Coriander, Cheese & caramelized Onion

Multigrain Roti £ 2.25

Roti £ 2.00

Pudhina Paratha £ 2.95

Paratha £ 2.95



Goji Berry Pilau £.3.95

Wild Mushroom Pilau £ 3.95

Cumin Pilau £ 2.95

Lemon Pilau £ 2.95

Steamed Basmati Rice £ 2.60


All cooked fresh to order

Ask about any allergens…

Chicken Chettinad £ 8.95

Free Range Chicken Simmered In Caramelized Onion, Roasted Coconut And Curry Leaf Sauce

Bhuna Salli Gosht £ 10.95

Marsh Lamb In Red Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Tomato Purée With Fiery Spices And Topped With Crisp Fried Potato Shreddies

Marsh Lamb Shank Nihari £ 13.75

Slow Cooked In Caramelized Onion And Spices With Masala Mash Potato Spinach Cake , Mint Raitha

Lamb Niligiri Khorma £ 10.95

Marsh Lamb Sautéed With Fresh Mint Coriander And Spinach Purée With Aromatic Spices

Nadan Goat Curry £ 12.95

The Wissenden Herd of Boer Goat slow cooked in Red Onion, Kashmiri Chilli, Yoghurt Sauce with Aromatic Spices

Belly Pork Vindaloo £ 11.95

Twice Cooked Fruit Fed Belly Pork In Smooth Red Chilli,garlic,cinnamon & Toddy Vinegar Sauce

Dum Biryani

Chicken £8.95    /    Lamb £ 9.95
Vegetable And Paneer £ 7.75    /    King Prawns £ 11.95


Bhendi Hara Pyaz £ 4.95

StiriFried Lady Fingers, Sumin, Spring Onion, Tomato Onion Sauce& Fresh Snipped Coriander

Methi Paneer £ 5.95

Home-made Cottage Cheese ,Chunky Tomato Masala,Fresh Fenugreek Leaves

Sukka Aloo £ 3.95

Fried New Potatoes in Ginger, Garlic, Chickpea Flour & Cracked Roasted Spices

Gucchi Saag £ 5.95

Stirfried Mushrooms In Cumin Flavoured Baby Spinach Puree

Gobi Kempu £ 4.95

Crisp Fried Cauliflower, Tempered in Yoghurt Sauce

Baingan Burtha £ 5.25

Tandoor Roasted Aubergine, Mashed & Tempered with Nigella Seeds, Garlic & Tomatoes

Dal Bhajji £ 4.25

Tempered Yellow Lentils & Fresh Snipped Greens

Spiced Yoghurt with Cucumber, Mint, Fresh Snipped Coriander & Roasted Cracked Cumin Seeds

SALADS £ 2.50
Red Onion Salad (Red Onion Rings Spiced With Green Chillies, Chat Masala And Lemon Juice)
Green Salad (Mixed Leaf, Cu

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Delicious Desserts

The freshest of ingredients

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Gulab Jamun (Reduced Milk Dumplings), Son Papdi (Pulled Sugar) Soil  £5.25                              

Masala Kaapi (South Indian Filter Coffee) Brulee, Cinnamon Tuille £5.25

Raspberry , Chocolate Cheese Cake £5.25

Profiterole of Swan, Strawberry Mousse, White Chocolate Coconut Cream £5.25

Mango Kulfi* (Indian Ice Cream*), Boondi (Sweet Lentil Pearls


All dishes cooked fresh to order

Ask about any allergens…


Lemon, Mango, Blueberry from Taywell of Kent



Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla Madagascar


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